Portrait of the Week #11 : PATTI SMITH ET LENNY KAYE

This photo of Patti Smith and her guitarist Lenny Kaye was taken, like the one of David Lynch, during the 20th anniversary of the Cartier Foundation.

Portrait of the week #10 – David Lynch

Luck and chance played a happy role in this portrait, expressing the essence of the artist’s imagery, his oneiric, fantastic, expressionistic side.

Only in Paris

My friend and colleague Willy Ronis photographed Paris all his life — it was his principle subject. His photos, like his contemporary Robert Doisneau, are full of joy and life, impregnated with a certain nostalgia for the post-war years. Yet … Continue reading

Portrait of the week #9 – Mother Teresa

It was relatively easy to meet with Mother Teresa in Calcutta. You only had to say “Mother Theresa” to any taxi driver in Calcutta. We found her at the entrance of her Sisters of Mercy institution. She was being supplicated … Continue reading

Portrait of the week #8 – Ralph Gibson

I was more interested by the place and the naked models surrounding the American photographer Ralph Gibson rather than in him. Gibson, whose photography is a kind of moderate surrealism, was directing a nude photography workshop in the south of … Continue reading

Portrait of the week #7 – Juliette Binoche

This photo was taken during the making of the doomed film “The Lovers of the Pont-Neuf”. Juliette played the role of a down and out woman. The director, Leos Carax, had insisted that the actress – who also was his … Continue reading

Portrait of the week #6 – Léo Ferré

I took these photos of the wonderful creator of such songs as “Jolie Môme” (“Pretty Kid”) and “Avec le Temps” (“As Time Passes”) in 1986 during a concert at the Elysée Montmartre. He was already in the last period of … Continue reading

Portrait of the week #5 – Edouard Boubat

I met Edouard Boubat upon my joining Rapho in the mid-eighties but we only became close after he met my American wife. Boubat was a great seductor and at that time had his eye on a young American woman recently … Continue reading

Portrait of the week #4 – Marguerite Duras

This Grand Dame of French literature was prevailed upon by someone in my photo agency Rapho to write a preface for a book of photos by Janine Niépce (also in Rapho). The book was entitled Niépce Duras France to get … Continue reading

Portrait of the week #3 – Bruce Nauman

I met Bruce Nauman in 1976. He was at that time the companion of a friend of mine. He lived in a automobile garage turned into a studio (to get there, you had to go up a service elevator). He … Continue reading