Portrait of the week #3 – Bruce Nauman

I met Bruce Nauman in 1976. He was at that time the companion of a friend of mine. He lived in a automobile garage turned into a studio (to get there, you had to go up a service elevator). He had all the trappings of an urban cowboy : Stetson hat with wide brims, Santiag boots, silver buckled belt, and seemed to be more interested in making artisanal knives than in carrying out his installations. At that time, I had no idea that he was internationally known as a conceptual artist. I only discovered that many years later in visiting museums of contemporary art in Europe and in the States. I have to confess that his work has always mystified me, artistically we are on two different planets. But I enjoyed our encounters. And in addition, Bruce had at that time an emaciated look that was interesting to photograph.

François Le Diascorn

*From March 14 to June 21, 2015, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain presents a major solo exhibition of American artist Bruce Nauman’s artwork, the first in France in over 15 years.

(version française)

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