Operating Theater Suite

Photography is an art of appearances, a false reflection of the real which yet can reveal truths of that reality. If one just focuses on the appearance of these images of mine, it looks as if they depict secret ceremonies where people (surgeons, nurses) are celebrating the rituals of a perverse cult using bloody naked bodies. A piece of leg, of arm, a slice of stomach – the torturing of our bodies.
The truth of course, as everyone knows, is exactly the opposite. Under lighting worthy of Rembrandt’s anatomy lesson, doctors are operating to save the lives of their patients and, within the limits of the possible, to improve the quality of those lives. No strange cult is at work here, but a shadow theater where the performance is acted out with few words, with ritualistic and extremely precise movements and on a spot-lit stage surrounded by shadows; theater where the drama of the fragility of life is endlessly played.
The main actors, the surgeons, are often sages and philosophers, serene in spite of the immense responsibility of their jobs. These magicians of human flesh possess courage, sang-froid, skill but they also possess a deeper, more profound quality, that of confronting daily and without fear the mystery of human existence.

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