Portrait of the week #7 – Juliette Binoche

This photo was taken during the making of the doomed film “The Lovers of the Pont-Neuf”. Juliette played the role of a down and out woman. The director, Leos Carax, had insisted that the actress – who also was his companion at that time – make herself as ugly as possible, coloring her teeth yellow and even I think filing them down. This is why she couldn’t smile in the photos. In spite of that, she remained luminous and it was a pleasure to photograph her.

François Le Diascorn

(version française)

Juliette Binoche - Les amants du Pont-Neuf  Leos Carax © François Le Diascorn

Juliette Binoche – The lovers of the Pont-Neuf – Leos Carax

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