D-10 : Only in Paris

D-10 : I am pleased to present my new book : “Only in Paris” ! 63 photographs that will take you on a journey through “my” Paris, from 1974 to today: a Paris romantic and melancholic, a Paris of thrillers, a mysterious and somnambulist Paris…

To be published November 27, “Only in Paris” is already on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1yJvbip !
I’d appreciate your sharing the information about my new book with others.
Thanks so much !

Only In Paris - book

The selection of photos shown here were taken by François Le Diascorn in Paris between 1971 and 2014. This is “his” Paris, city he has walked and re-walked, camera always in hand, for more than forty years. Here one can see his very special style, both heir et rebel of the humanist school in which he evolved in the 1970s and 80s; style founded on precise framing and the play between shadows and light.
Style in particular out of line with any other: the tone often strange; sometimes humoristic, but always dream-like. The book is without chronology, one moves from one decade to another without the atmosphere ever changing. Passing by in Le Diascorn’s panorama are the emblematic Parisian monuments and places. But always, his gamble is rewarded: the unexpected surges out from his wayward path. He photographs the city on the spot day and night and in every season. He gives us Paris on a walk, Paris in love, Paris romantic and melancholic, Paris of thrillers: Paris mysterious and somnambulist.
His previous book Only in America (Créaphis, 2010) showed an America in the same style of shifting chimerical reality. The term “only in” expresses what one feels seeing these images: “it’s only here that one can see this!”

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