Welcome to my new site!

Here I hope to be able to share with you updated news about my work as well as occasional observations and reflections on photography. You will find on the site a selection of photographs (many of which have not been shown before), the results of my constant travels around the world, always in search of fugitive moments, of the dream within reality. I hope that you will come here to see what I have seen and I wish you happy navigation around the site. Do not hesitate to sign up so as to get my updated news as well as to see new photos posted.
In this first blog posting I especially want to express my thanks to the two dedicated authors of this site—Julie and Aurélien. In my photographic project on angels elsewhere on this site I have written that I don’t believe in angels yet here are two young guardian angels who arrived on my doorstep just about a year ago to help me through the intricacies and mysteries not of heaven but of cyberspace! A great thanks to the two of them. Merci!

Ref ANGEL 4 – Campo Basso religious procession, Molise, Italy

And enjoy discovering my photographic world!
François Le Diascorn

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